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The negotiations and communication with your negotiating partners take place in the confidential “My Trade” trading room. This communication is only visible to you and your negotiation partner.

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    Start negotiation

    You enter into a negotiation when you select an advertisement in the marketplace. Further parameters can be negotiated in addition to the price.


    The basis for a negotiation is an advertisement, i.e. an offer or want ad. The advertisement may have been created by you or another company.


    You start the negotiation by making an offer in response to an advertisement via the marketplace or the detailed view of an advertisement.

    Price negotiation

    You have the option of responding simultaneously to different advertisements and therefore negotiating with several trading partners.


    You will receive offers from different companies in response to an advertisement you created. The individual offers are only visible to you. You decide which offer to respond to.


    You enter into negotiation by responding to an offer received. When you do this, you not only negotiate the price, but also other parameters such as the quantity or the type of delivery.

    Comparing offers & conclusion

    In “My Trade” you can compare the offers you received and decide which company to award the contract to. It is not automatic and there is no ”buy-it-now”!


    Only you as the author of the ad can see the offers in response to your advertisement. In “My Trade” you can compare the offers and decide for yourself who to award the contract to.


    A transaction comes into existence when you have decided on an offer. This is documented in a transaction confirmation.

    Advantages of negotiation

    Saves time

    thanks to digital negotiation

    Secure trading

    thanks to private negotiation room

    Transparent overview

    of the current offers

    Quick assessment

    of the offers using price comparison function

    Non-time-dependent negotiation

    with 24/7 chat function

    Better traceability

    thanks to comprehensive documentation


    With the chat function you can communicate with your trading partners and resolve queries, e.g. regarding the advertisement. The chat is also available after a transaction has been concluded.

    Secure trading & availability

    The recyfy marketplace guarantees secure trading between providers and users of recovered paper. Negotiation takes place between just you and your trading partner in a confidential trading room. We have also introduced checks such as credit rating, target group relevance and training demos in our onboarding process for new participants. Secure trading is also guaranteed by the high IT standards. The availability of the marketplace is guaranteed 24/7.

    Private area

    IT security & availability


    Credit rating


    Both the course of a negotiation and the chat messages are documented. Negotiations that were not successful for you are also documented and can be retrieved at any time.

    Private area

    The negotiation and communication with your negotiating partners takes place in a protected negotiation room -
    in “My Trade”.
    Here you conduct your negotiation “one to one” - in other words, only you and your negotiating partner can see the information exchanged.

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