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recyfy is the marketplace for efficient trading in recovered paper between paper mills, disposal companies, dealers and wastepaper generation sites.

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    recyfy -who we are

    recyfy develops and operates the leading digital B2B marketplace for the buying and selling of recovered paper. The marketplace is used for efficient trading between paper mills, disposal companies, dealers and wastepaper generation sites. With recyfy connect, upstream and downstream processes can be digitised for trading, extensively automated and costs reduced.

    What we offer

    recyfy marketplace

    Our marketplace offers efficient, secure trading of recovered paper with the focus on buying and selling.

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    recyfy connect

    Integrates the recyfy marketplace in the IT systems of a company and automates upstream and downstream processes of the material flow.

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    Quick check

    Highlights the potentials in downstream trading processes in the company - basis for deciding to use recyfy connect or not in the future.

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    Advantages in using recyfy

    Greater reliability of supply, lower acquisition cost, increased level of digitisation.

    As a paper mill, use recyfy to gain an overview of the quantities currently available and buy a spot volume short-term or conclude a contract for a period of your choice, and increase reliability of supply.

    Alpapier Truck

    Optimisation of the acquisition price

    Enhanced market access and larger network

    Increased reliability of supply

    Overview of availability in different regions

    Savings in terms of time and cost in upstream/downstream processes

    Improvement in documentation

    New distribution channels, greater flexibility and reduced cost.

    Disposal companies are: waste disposal companies, recycling companies and container services that generate at least approx. 25 tonnes of waste paper per month. As a disposal company, use recyfy to expand your network, quickly identify demand in different regions and improve the marketing of your waste paper volumes with little expense.

    recycling bin, m42, Freiburg, BW, Germany

    Increase turnover and margin in sales

    Large network for distribution

    Optimisation of the recovered paper material flow

    Time and cost savings in upstream/downstream processes

    Improvement in reporting

    Less expenditure in customer communication

    Increasing the degree of automation, new distribution channels and reducing the communication effort.

    As a trader, benefit from digital solutions at recyfy. Find new trading partners and get an overview of all your negotiations, trades and contracts in one tool.

    Digitization of processes, data and document exchange

    Less communication and coordination efforts

    Overview of availability/demand in different regions

    Network expansion

    Short-term processing of quantities (spot)

    Improvement of documentation

    Higher margins, increased market access and better overview of prices.

    Wastepaper generation sites are: packaging industry, printing companies, commercial and industrial companies that generate at least 25 tonnes of waste paper per month. Use recyfy to find new waste paper buyers and sell your quantities directly as spot or contract via recyfy. Simplify and digitalize your processes with buyers to reduce your communication and time costs.

    Higher margins in sales

    Direct line to the buyers

    Full overview of the negotiations

    Increase of flexibility

    Fast and simple process handling

    Time and cost saving

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    Marketplace process coverage and functions

    1. Registration & verification

    Register company, verification by recyfy and invite colleagues

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    2. Create & search advertisements

    Create public, private and anonymous ads, contracts or spot volumes

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    3. Conduct negotiation

    Negotiate parameters such as price and quantity confidentially, chat function

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    4. Plan and evaluate trade

    Coordinate delivery dates, communication with trading partners

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    5. Rate trade and recyfy

    Rate customers and suppliers and recyfy itself based on features

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    6. Automate processes

    Create ads, exchange documents, track status of the ads

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    Secure trading

    Private area, high IT standards, verified participants, availability - this guarantees secure trading.

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    Private area

    Trading takes place securely between just you and your trading partner in a confidential trading room. Not accessible to other users or third parties.

    24/7 IT availability

    Secure trading is guaranteed by high IT standards with servers and data storage in Germany, GDPR compliant. The availability of the marketplace is guaranteed 24/7.

    IT security

    Your data are guaranteed to be treated as confidential - there is no disclosure of information. Your data are also protected from manipulation.


    Every company is checked and verified before authorisation for recyfy. This includes, among other things, checking for target group relevance and a credit report.

    Exclusively for new customers - trade 100t free of charge

    Benefit from the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our marketplace as a new customer and trade the first 100t on recyfy free of charge.
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