Plan & evaluate

Your negotiations, the communication with your negotiating partners, your successful transactions, delivery dates, changes to price and volumes - everything is documented and you can access it at any time.

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    Delivery planner

    As a buyer, you can specify the delivery dates following conclusion of a transaction. The seller has an overview of the scheduled delivery dates. recyfy connect shows you the status of each individual shipment.

    Plan deliveries

    Specify the delivery dates as a buyer directly after concluding the transaction. The seller has an overview of the scheduled delivery dates, so no further discussion is needed between the two parties. In recyfy you can track how many shipments are already included in the transaction and how many are still outstanding.

    recyfy connect

    recyfy connect also shows you the order status of each individual shipment (scheduled, in transit, completed, …). You can also retrieve documents such as shipping notifications or delivery notes. There is no need to e-mail or fax weighing slips, for instance.


    recyfy documents every single step for you, from creation of the ad and the negotiation through to the delivery or collection of the agreed volume.


    If a negotiation reaches a successful conclusion, all the details are summarised in a transaction confirmation and communicated to both parties by e-mail. The data can be accessed on recyfy at any time.


    The course of the negotiation is documented in “My Trade” and is available to you there at all times. You can access both successful and unconcluded negotiations again and track them.


    The messages and information exchanged using the chat function are archived in “My Trade” linked to the advertisement. This allows you to access previous chats and resolved queries again.

    Offers (history)

    All the offers submitted by your company can be viewed on recyfy. So you can track the prices you submitted in the past and the negotiations for which you were not awarded the contract.

    Advantages of plan and evaluate

    Quick access

    to historical data such as changes to price and volumes

    Increase data quality

    by seamless documentation and evaluations

    Better negotiating position

    thanks to the extensive pool of data and information

    Increased supplier reliability

    by forward planning and status tracking

    Faster response

    to market developments thanks to up-to-date data

    Greater traceability

    thanks to documentation of negotiations and communication


    A variety of key data can be displayed on the dashboard. Examples include price movements analysed according to supplier or federal state or the availability of volumes in different regions.

    Secure trading & availability

    The recyfy marketplace guarantees secure trading between providers and users of recovered paper. Negotiation takes place between just you and your trading partner in a confidential trading room. We have also introduced checks such as credit rating, target group relevance and training demos in our onboarding process for new participants. Secure trading is also guaranteed by the high IT standards. The availability of the marketplace is guaranteed 24/7.

    Private area

    IT security & availability


    Credit rating


    You are given important information, such as on the price and volume trends in different regions in which you evaluate the data from recyfy.


    You can find all the advertisements created by your company in your private area. Here you can analyse which advertisements were completed, expired or terminated.


    The successful transactions are documented with all the relevant data, e.g. price, quantity and period, therefore allowing analysis of the transactions with different trading partners.

    Price and volume development

    The documentation of the addresses of your trading partners and their stations gives you the opportunity to analyse the price and volume development for a region or individual trading partners.


    Für die Dokumentation Ihrer Transaktionen gibt es keine zeitliche Begrenzung, so dass Sie auf die gesamte Historie Ihrer Aktivitäten auf recyfy zugreifen können. Wählen Sie einfach den gewünschten Zeitraum.


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