recyfy connect

recyfy connect is the interface for integrating the marketplace into existing IT systems. So you can cut the costs of buying and selling and organise downstream processes more efficiently.

What is recyfy connect?

recyfy connect offers you the possibility of integrating the marketplace with your company’s processes, automating processes to be company-specific across multiple companies, and therefore reducing the cost and effort of manual activities.


Many manual processes and the error rates associated with them are the challenging issues that recyfy connect resolves.

Separate data storage

Multiple different tools within a company, high degree of manual effort for the maintenance of multiple Excel tables.

Long-standing island solutions

No automated exchange of data between negotiating partners gives rise to island solutions and therefore a high degree of effort to maintain the data.

High degree of effort for processing

High level of communication between negotiating partners for exchanging order numbers or supplier status, for instance.

Limited documentation

Limited documentation of negotiations resulting in poor traceability of prices and absence of basis for future negotiations.

Advantages of recyfy connect

Increase in the degree of automation

Reduction in error rate

Increased compliance in the material flow

Reduction in transaction costs

Simpler & faster processing

Reduction in process turnaround times

Functions and application scenarios

recyfy connect provides support in a variety of scenarios: company-specific, cross-company, buying and selling, planning and upstream and downstream processes generally.

Automatic ad creation

Your stock of goods or your requirements are used as the basis for the automatic creation of an advertisement (public, private or anonymous).

Transmission of the transaction

Immediately after concluding a transaction, you will find all the information such as trading partners, recovered paper grade, price and quantity in your ERP.

Automatic price updates

All the prices in your IT system are updated when the current index figures are published - no manual entry of prices or indices required.

Automatic order creation

When the delivery dates have been specified, recyfy automatically creates all the orders for the individual shipments and stores the reference number of your trading partner.

Tracking order status

Keep track of the current status of individual shipments and receive details regarding shipping, time slot, weight, billing.

Exchange documents

Don’t wait for the documents, but simply access them on recyfy: shipping notification, delivery note, weighing slip, credit note/invoice, etc.

Supported systems


MS Dynamics



Quick Check and recyfy connect

recyfy connect is based on the identification of potentials by Quick Check. The timescale for you as a customer is 2 to 4 hours.


  • Analysis of buying/selling processes and also of downstream processes in the material flow
  • Evaluation of monetary and other potentials, e.g. transaction costs, identification of fields of application
  • Main objective: Decision whether to connect marketplace to IT systems


  • Analysis of actual processes and optimised target processes
  • Preparation of optimisation packages (costs, efficiency, compliance)
  • Interview techniques with management and operational level

Quick Check procedure

  • Define the interview partners from IT, Purchasing and Sales
  • Identify the IT tools used, in particular the ERP system
  • Check available interfaces
  • Conduct the interviews
  • Highlight application scenarios and benefits
  • Submit proposal for the connection of the marketplace to the ERP system with recyfy connect

Integration of marketplace in ERP system

  • Detailed analysis if necessary
  • Concept and implementation plan for target design
  • Implementation of the connection to the IT system
  • Training, operating model and support


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