recyfy marketplace

The marketplace is the core of recyfy, and offers the facility for buying and selling recovered paper. Alongside buying and selling, the marketplace is the basis for further functions, the upstream and downstream processes.

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    recyfy -marketplace Overview

    This product video gives you a first insight into the functions and processes of the recyfy marketplace. The short video explains the features and capabilities of digital trading of waste paper in the following areas: company profile, trade profile, create and search advertisements, digital negotiation, valuation & dashboard.

    Process coverage

    1. Registration & verification

    Register company, verification by recyfy and invite colleagues.

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    2. Create & search advertisements

    Create public, private and anonymous ads, contracts or spot volumes.

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    3. Conduct negotiation

    Negotiate parameters such as price and quantity confidentially, chat function.

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    4. Plan and evaluate trade

    Coordinate delivery dates, communication with trading partners.

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    5. Rate trade and recyfy

    Rate customers and suppliers and recyfy itself based on features.

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    6. Automate processes

    Create ads, exchange documents, track status of the ads.

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    recyfy usage in figures


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    grades of recovered paper traded

    Marketplace and My Trade - public vs. private

    recyfy is divided into a public and private area. Advertisements can be placed on the marketplace as “public” or “anonymous” and are visible to all registered users. “Private” advertisements allow you to negotiate digitally with your customers or suppliers on “private advertisements”. The “private” ad is not visible to everyone else on the marketplace. The negotiation and communication with negotiating partners always takes place non-publicly in the private "My Trade" trading room.



    • Marketplace homepage: visible to all registered users
    • “Public” advertisements
    • “Anonymous” advertisements but without disclosing your identity
    • Rating of companies based on reviews

    My Trade

    private, protected room

    • “Private” advertisements
    • Offers submitted in response to an advertisement
    • Negotiation (participants, current price)
    • Communication/chat with negotiating partner
    • Details of successful transactions (prices, quantities, negotiating partners, etc.)
    • Ratings are anonymised

    Advantages of the marketplace

    No subscription model

    No fixed costs. Fee per tonne for a successful transaction.

    New markets

    Expansion of your network, assured supply and material flow.


    Improved documentation and therefore increased traceability.

    Market overview

    Overview of prices, volume availability and market developments.


    Flexibility with existing and new relationships, mobile commerce, 24/7.

    Direct contact

    Direct contact between wastepaper generation site and processor, no third parties.

    Market stability

    Regional surplus/ shortage has less impact on the market.

    Efficient processing

    Fast, simple processing of deliveries, process optimisation.

    Resources & support

    Information in the form of documents such as flyers, answers to frequently asked questions, newsletters, webinars and direct contact with the competent recyfy team.

    Resources: documents & webinars

    Get information using documents such as flyers with general information on recyfy or keep up to date on new functions via the newsletter and webinars.


    We are here to answer any questions, in person, by telephone or e-mail and are happy to help with onboarding or use of the marketplace.

    Exclusively for new customers - trade 100t free of charge

    Benefit from the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our marketplace as a new customer and trade the first 100t on recyfy free of charge.
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    Secure trading

    Private area, high IT standards, verified participants, availability - this guarantees secure trading.

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    Private area

    Trading takes place securely between just you and your trading partner in a confidential trading room. Not accessible to other users or third parties.

    24/7 IT availability

    Secure trading is guaranteed by high IT standards with servers and data storage in Germany, GDPR compliant. The availability of the marketplace is guaranteed 24/7.

    IT security

    Your data are guaranteed to be treated as confidential - there is no disclosure of information. Your data are also protected from manipulation.


    Every company is checked and verified before authorisation for recyfy. This includes, among other things, checking for target group relevance and a credit report.


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