Overview of fees & FAQ

The registration of your company, the creation of advertisements and the negotiating is free of charge. We charge a fee per tonne for successful transactions.

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    Overview of fees

    Fees /t (net)

    Group 1

    1.01.00 to 1.11.00

    Group 2

    2.01.00 to 2.14.01

    Group 3

    3.01.00 to 3.20.01

    Group 4

    4.01.00 to 4.08.01

    Group 5

    5.01.00 to 5.14.01

    Note: The recovered paper grades and groups are designated according to DIN EN 643.

    Calculation of the fee

    The fee is based on the recovered paper grade, the quantity traded and the minimum load weight from the concluded transaction. The formula used is:

    (quantity / 25) * minimum load weight * fee per recovered paper grade

    Sample calculation

    Quantity: 250t, minimum load weight: 23t,
    Recovered paper grade: 1.07.00 – Telephone books -> €1.00 (see above)
    Fee: (250 / 25) * 23 * 1.00 = 10 * 23 * 1.00 = €230

    Overview terms of use (extract)

    Here you will find the most important elements of our terms of use (extract). You can find the entire terms of use HERE.

    Validity for EU countries

    Terms of use valid for EU countries, Switzerland and UK

    Validity of the free quantities

    Free quantities are only valid for 3 months and expire thereafter

    Min. quantities per quarter

    1,000 t advertisements or 300 t transactions per quarter

    Code of conduct

    No offline business and prompt response to enquiries

    Restricted version

    From June 2021, there will be a restricted version of the marketplace in addition to the full version. If minimum quantities per quarter are not achieved, e.g. due to missing quantities or requirements, companies will be classified in the restricted version. The company can be reclassified to the full version at any time if minimum quantities are achievable again.

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    Frequently asked questions

    This depends on the type of advertisement – public, private or anonymous. Public advertisements are visible to all registered users with details of the author of the advertisement. Private advertisements can only be seen by the users you have explicitly invited. Anonymous advertisements are in fact visible to all registered users but without details of the advertisement’s author.

    Use the postcode filter in the marketplace. Enter e.g. “1” to see all the offers and want ads of stations whose postcode begins with 1 (e.g. 10696 Berlin, 14471 Potsdam) or “560” for Koblenz and the surrounding area. There is also a map view for you to use.

    No. Only the author of the ad can see how many and which companies have responded to an advertisement.

    recyfy charges a fee per tonne for successful transactions. The overview of fees can be found under Fees.

    Only the author of the ad and the negotiating partner can see the details of the negotiation. As the specific participants negotiate on behalf of a company, the registered members of the company can also see these details – e.g. in order to take over the negotiation as a vacation replacement. Participants from other companies cannot see these details however.

    No. There are no automatic processes (e.g. award for the highest bidder) on recyfy for the awarding of contracts. Only the person who has received an enquiry can ever conclude a negotiation.

    Any new customer trades the first 100t free of charge and so can familiarise themselves with recyfy – with no time pressure at all. We can deactivate you as a user at any time if there is no further interest in using it.

    Only the person who has received an enquiry can ever conclude a negotiation. This way you have full control to decide who you want to conclude a transaction with – whether as the author of the ad or a prospective buyer.

    No, an enquiry must always be made. Only the person who has received an enquiry can ever conclude a negotiation.

    Price, quantity, minimum load weight, format (bales, pallets, loose, rolls), recovered paper grade (in the case of want ads), type of delivery (ex station/delivery paid), delivery period, payment terms. 


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