Registration, onboarding & verification

Paper mills, disposal companies, recovered paper dealers and wastepaper generation sites, e.g. printers are all active on recyfy. During the registration process, we check whether a new registration is a company from one of the target groups. The credit rating of the company is also checked.

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    Registration process

    The registration process is simple and intuitive. There are training demos to support you during the registration.

    1.Register without obligation

    Create company profile with a few details (company, name, telephone no., e-mail)

    2. Presentation of the functions

    Agreement of a web demo for presentation of the marketplace functions

    3. Verification & authorisation

    Final check that the profile is complete, data check and credit check


    Target groups

    Paper mills

    Disposal companies


    Wastepaper generation sites

    recyfy -User and company profile

    This short product video provides an overview of the features and roles of the user and company profiles in the recyfy marketplace. The video explains the following topics: user and company details, creating stations, depositing formats and payment terms, and inviting colleagues to recyfy.

    Company profile

    The company profile is where you manage your master data, such as the addresses of your stations, your formats and payment terms. You can also invite other colleagues to join your company account on recyfy.


    Set up your loading sites or branches under Stations, and store the business hours and documents, e.g. loading regulations for each station. You can select the stations you created when creating the advertisement.

    Formats (e.g. bales)

    Recovered paper can be traded on recyfy in bales, pallets, rolls or loose. You can store a variety of bale sizes, for instance, in the company profile. When creating the advertisement you can choose from the formats created.

    Payment terms

    Your required payment terms for handling payments with your trading partner are stored in the company profile. You can set up multiple items and select the required condition when trading.

    Inviting colleagues

    You can invite other colleagues to join your company account using the company profile. The colleagues you invited are automatically added to your company and can start trading immediately.

    Secure trading & availability

    The recyfy marketplace guarantees secure trading between providers and users of recovered paper. Negotiation takes place between just you and your trading partner in a confidential trading room. We have also introduced checks such as credit rating, target group relevance and training demos in our onboarding process for new participants. Secure trading is also guaranteed by the high IT standards. The availability of the marketplace is guaranteed 24/7.

    Private area

    IT security & availability


    Credit rating

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